draft cider

White Horse is proud to have the largest selection for Full Strength Cider on draft in Utah. Please let your server know if you would like it on the rocks. 


Draft Cider

Anthem Hops 9
Anthem Cider 9
Bull Run Bramble Berry 9
Bull Run Powerhouse 9
MTN WST Ruby 8
Hive Stinger Black Currant 8
Infinite Monkey Pear 12
Stella Cidre 12
Strongbow 8
Wandering Angus Dry Oak 9

Bottled Cider

Angry Orchard 7
Bull Run Laughing Water 15
Gumption 7
Hive Stinger 13
Hopworks Organic 9
Incline Legend Lemongrass 7
Magner’s Irish Cider 7
Mt West Desolation 12
Mt West 7 Mile 12
Mt West Cottonwood 12
Samuel Smith Organic 9
Samuel Smith Perry 9
Stella Cidre 7
Wandering Aengus 15