draft cider

White Horse is proud to have the largest selection for Full Strength Cider on draft in Utah. Please let your server know if you would like it on the rocks. 


Draft Cider

(21.5oz carafe)

Ace Pineapple 10 
Anthem Cherry
Anthem Pear
Hive Mint 11 
Hive Stinger 11 
Hive Raspberry 11 
Incline Hopped 10 
Incline Marionberry 10 
Portland Concord Grape 11 

Draft Cider Flights $6
(Four 2.5 oz samples; pick any four ciders above)
Single 2.5 oz sample $1.50

Bottled Cider

Alpenfire Ember (750ml) 40 
Alpenfire Glow (750ml) 60 
Alpenfire Pirates (500ml) 30 
Alpenfire Spark (750ml) 35 
Angry Orchard Crisp Apple
Hive Stinger 13 
Magners Irish Cider
Mountain West Desolation 12 
Mountain West 7 Mile 12 
Mountain West Cottonwoo 12 
Mountain West Ruby 12 
Samuel Smith Organic 10 
Samuel Smith Organic Pear 10 
Wandering Aengus Bloom 10